Boron Deficiency in india

Growers in this region have a high agricultural demand for boron, which is especially deficient throughout Bangladesh and eastern India. Monsoon patterns and depletion from the variety of high-yield crops in the area mean that refined boron supplementation is vital to help prevent fruit and flower drop and protect growers’ livelihoods. Both family growers and larger land holdings can benefit from the application of high-quality, highly available refined boron.

Boron Deficiency in the Region

As one of the most common professions in the region, farming is vital to Bangladesh. However, flooding and other severe weather, improper distribution of fertilizer, and regular production of high-yield crops such as rice can reduce the availability of naturally occurring boron in the soil.
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Growers in India also face boron deficiencies due to weather patterns (monsoons) and crop patterns. Furthermore, growing consumer demand for high-quality fruits and vegetables create added pressure for high yields and optimal growth.
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Field Studies in India

To understand the role of boron in crop health and develop the best available products, U.S. Borax has been conducting and participating in field studies for more than 50 years. These studies provide important information for Indian growers and distributors.
  • Cotton 1990, 2004, 2016
  • Groundnut 1973
  • Maize (SEA) 2011
  • Oil Palm (SEA) 1994, 1997
  • Paddy 2011
  • Rice (SEA) 2011-12
  • Sugarcane (SEA) 2012
  • Wheat (China) 2011-12
(Not all studies are available on-line)

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