Boron Deficiency in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are well known for their expansive landscapes and thriving agricultural industry. With numerous areas of volcanic or sandy soil and fairly high rainfall, refined boron can be beneficial when applied correctly.

Even in areas with lower deficiencies, refined boron can benefit crop health. In New Zealand’s forests, boron deficiency was noted as the cause of severe dieback problems as early as 1962. U.S. Borax provides high-quality refined boron fertilizers that can help to prevent such problems—as well as the expertise to promote proper use and optimal results. Plus, our fertilizers meet rigorous standards for environmental and agricultural safety, including organic certification and low-dust formulations. The widely trusted U.S. Borax 20 Mule Team brand has participating in boron research and developing high-quality boron agricultural fertilizers around the world for more than 50 years.

Boron Deficiency in the Region

Although Australia enjoys a lower rate of boron deficiency than some other areas of the globe, certain regions feature dry, sandy soil or volcanic soil. Along with periods of heavy rainfall, these soil conditions can create the need for refined boron supplementation.
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New Zealand
Growers in New Zealand face higher rates of boron deficiency than those in Australia. Many growers in this region rely on borate minerals to counter this issue—but minerals, though cheaper than refined boron products, can have unexpected drawbacks.
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One to two pounds (.45-.9 kg) of boron per acre can help to ensure plump, juicy grapes.

Field Studies in Australia and New Zealand

To understand the role of boron in crop health and develop the best available products, U.S. Borax has been conducting and participating in field studies for more than 50 years. These studies provide important information for regional growers and distributors. (Not all studies are available online.)

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