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Throughout Africa, soils can benefit from application of refined boron. Of course, this vast region comprises a multitude of climates, soil types, and crops. Yet frequent droughts and pervasive sandy soils mean that most growers here can see higher yields and greater ROI through the use of refined boron. Learn about boron in Africa

Australia / New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are well known for their wide expanses and thriving agricultural industry. With numerous areas of volcanic or sandy soil and fairly high rainfall, refined boron can be beneficial when applied correctly. Learn about boron in Australia / New Zealand


Like many areas of the world, much of China features boron-deficient soils. The issue is of particular concern in Guangxi, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Henan, Guizhou, and Shandong provinces. China’s growers and fertilizer producers also face challenges related to fertilizer use and identification of high-quality products. Fortunately, U.S. Borax can help. Learn more about boron in China


European growers face boron-depleted soils, especially given the demands of widespread crops such as rapeseed. Refined boron can help, and offers a variety of application methods to meet growers’ needs. Learn more about boron in Europe

India and Bangladesh

Growers in this region have a high agricultural demand for boron, which is especially deficient throughout Bangladesh and eastern India. Monsoon patterns and depletion from the variety of high-yield crops in the area mean that refined boron supplementation is vital to help prevent fruit and flower drop and protect growers’ livelihoods. Both family growers and larger land holdings can benefit from the application of high-quality, highly available refined boron. Learn more about boron in India and Bangladesh

Latin America

Latin America—comprising Mexico as well as countries throughout Central America, South America, and the Caribbean—is a vital contributor to the world’s food and agricultural resources. With a great deal of farmable land and a wide range of available crops, this region relies on boron for optimal yields. Learn more about boron in Latin America

North America

Canada and the United States comprise vast swaths of renowned farmland. From the corn fields of Iowa to the apple orchards of Ontario, boron plays an important role in the health of North American agriculture. Learn more about boron in North America

Southeast Asia

Many growers in Southeast Asia can benefit from improved soil nutrition supported by boron supplementation. The region’s fluctuations between drought and heavy rains, as well as sandy soils in many areas, increase the leaching of boron and can harm valuable crops such as rice, tropical fruits, and oil palm. Learn about boron in Southeast Asia

regional Success Stories

Boosting crop health: U.S. Midwest
Growers in the U.S. Midwest are seeing higher yields and greater profits thanks to an understanding of the importance of micronutrients, including boron. Hear... Watch video
Better fruits and flowers: Mexico
Mexican customers have seen improvements in flowering and fruiting quality thanks to the use of refined boron from U.S. Borax. Watch video
Crop studies: Cocoa, eucalyptus
U.S. Borax continually conduct field trials to better understand the use of boron and its benefit to agriculture. Learn about some of our current research. Watch video

U.S. Borax, part of Rio Tinto, is a global leader in the supply and science of borates—naturally-occurring minerals containing boron and other elements. We are 1,000 people serving 500 customers with more than 1,700 delivery locations globally. We supply 30% of the world’s need for refined borates from our world-class mine in Boron, California, about 100 miles east of Los Angeles.  Learn more about Rio Tinto

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