Boron Deficiency

Boron Deficiency Starts in the Soil

Low concentrations of boron are found in soils that:
  • Have a low concentration of organic matter
  • Are acidic and sandy
  • Are in areas with high humidity
What factors make boron more available to plants?
  • Finely textured subsoils with higher clay content tend to show the highest levels of boron, even when overlaid with a sandy top surface.
  • Too much or too little pH, especially pH above 6.5 or below 5.0, tends to reduce boron availability.
  • Microorganisms are crucial to the release of boron from organic compounds. Warm, moist, well-tilled soils with adequate aeration improve microbial activity and likely have better boron availability.

Soil and tissue tests

Soil tests, such as hot-water extraction or Mehlich-1 or Mehlich-3 extraction, can help determine whether plants have the right amount of boron available to them. Analysis of plant tissue samples used with soil tests can confirm boron levels in crops and help monitor levels as you begin to treat deficiencies.
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