The most economical foliar boron

Solubor | 20.5% Boron | 100% Soluble

Easy to use, fast to deploy

When your crops need boron most, Solubor® delivers. Its maximum and rapid dispersion in liquid fertilizer formulations leads to better results in the field. 

Solubor features the market's highest approved boron concentration and is 100% water soluble, giving plants full access to this essential micronutrient. 

Our foliar boron product is available in easy-to-mix granules, which eliminate handling headaches and give you greater control and customization of your fertilizer formulation. 

If you're looking for a cost-efficient solution that's easy to use alone or mix in your foliar fertilizer spray, choose Solubor

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Easily mixed with foliar fertilizers
  • 20.5% Boron (100% water soluble)
  • Homogenous particle sizes for rapid dispersion
  • Perfect for foliar applications
  • Herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide compatible
  • Free of impurities
  • Optimized liquid dissolution, even in low temperatures
  • OMRI Listed®, made in USA

Foliar boron that's cost-and-field efficient 

What makes Solubor a smart agronomic choice? Efficiency. Growers trust Solubor because it quickly corrects any boron deficiencies during the season, without breaking your budget or delaying application. 

Cut costs

Controlling your micronutrient costs is critical to a healthier bottom line. Because Solubor is highly concentrated, you’ll only need relatively small quantities to correct boron deficiency.

Optimize application

Solubor easily mixes in your foliar spray formulation so you can streamline fertilizer applications and optimize time in the field.

Save time

In a comparison study, Solubor dissolved two minutes faster than a competitor product. This advantage grows even wider in the field when water temperatures are colder.

Increase your ROI 

See how you can increase yield and streamline your in-field operations with Solubor.

Faster, complete dissolution

We know timing is critical with foliar sprays and applying liquid fertilizers. That’s why we designed Solubor to seamlessly fit into your foliar nutrition program. Homogenous, smaller particle sizes (<75 microns) give Solubor its unique advantage—faster, complete dissolution.

Free your operations from disruption 

Clog-free spraying 

Other products can have impurities that cause clogged spray nozzles. Solubor’s purity keeps nozzles clean, saving you time and money. 

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Powerful versatility

Solubor works with multiple application types, including spray, fertigation, irrigation, and hydroponics.

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Streamlined application

Reduce your fertilizer applications and target crops at the right time with Solubor’s compatibility.

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Elevate your liquid fertilizer quality and precision

Peak purity

Solubor’s refining process filters calcium-sulfate and other heavy metals, unlike some alternative products on the market.  

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Organic and traceable 

We produce Solubor from a natural sodium borate. It’s OMRI® Listed, made in the USA, and traceable.

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Field-tested, research-backed

Our commitment to quality and precision is evident in our decades of micronutrient research.

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Why partner with U.S. Borax for your foliar fertilizer needs?

In modern agriculture, there’s an overwhelming amount of fertilizer options. How do you know which products truly provide the best ROI? How does your supplier support their claims of superior agronomic performance?

At U.S. Borax, we have a rich history of field trials and research. We continue to support data-driven agriculture by investing and conducting field trials on a global scale, across major crops.

By partnering with U.S. Borax, you can trust not only the purity of our boron products, but also become more precise with your foliar applications to correct boron deficiency.

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