How to Buy

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Questions to Ask When Buying Boron

The best way to measure boron supplement value is to look beyond the initial price point. Low-quality, unrefined products can quickly eat up any cost savings by being ineffective—or actually creating new problems. When evaluating products, ask about the real value of the borate you’re buying:
  • How much useable, water-soluble boron does the product contain?
  • Has the product been refined to remove contaminants such as arsenic, lithium, and aluminum?
  • Does the product support multiple types of application?
  • What is the product’s bulk density?
  • Can the product make boron available throughout the growing season? 
  • Is the product durable (eg, crush resistant during transport)?
  • What is the typical particle size (for granulated boron products)? 
  • What is the price per useable measure of boron?

Find the best product for your specific needs

U.S. Borax products can provide maximum ROI and higher crop yields than lower-quality products.
B 15.0%
Made especially for bulk blenders

A pure, 100% water-soluble micronutrient that meets boron demand during the growing season. Made especially for bulk blenders, Granubor helps to ensure uniform distribution in nutritional blends and in the field. Learn more

  • Boron (B) 15%
  • Material required for 1 lb (.45 kg) of B 7 lb (3.18 kg)
  • Derived from sodium borates
  • -4 Trace
  • +12 95
Bulk Density
  • Loose pack 57 lb/ft3 (913 kg/m3)
  • Tight pack 60 lb/ft3 (961 kg/m3)
  • Angle of repose 30°
  • Tight pack 280
  • Granubor is available in bulk, 2500 lb (1134 kg) super bags or 50 lb (22.7 kg) plastic bags.
B 20.5%
Product of choice for foliar applications

A concentrated, highly soluble, and fast dissolving powder that is ideal for foliar and other sprays. With the highest concentration of boron in any approved product, Solubor is an economical choice for nutritional formulations. Learn more

  • Boron (B) 20.5%
  • Material required for 1 lb (.45 kg) of B 4.9 lb (2.22 kg)
  • Derived from sodium borates
  • +200 8
  • -200 92
Bulk Density
  • Loose pack 25 lb/ft3 (400.46 kg/m3)
  • Tight pack 35 lb/ft3 (560.6 kg/m3)
  • Solubor is available in 1700 lb (771 kg) super bags, and in 50 lb (22.7 kg) multiwall paper bags with a polyethylene moisture resistant barrier.
B 15.0%
Optimum product for suspensions

A fine crystalline borate ideal for NPK compound fertilizers and suspensions. Manufactured as free-flowing granules, Fertibor is easily handled and offers superior flow and consistency. Learn more

  • Boron (B) 15.0%
  • Material required for 1 lb (.45 kg) of B 6.7 lb (3.04 kg)
  • Derived from sodium borates
  • 8 Trace
  • 200 98
Bulk Density
  • Loose pack 63 lb/ft3 (1009 kg/m3)
  • Tight pack 71 lb/ft3 (1137kg/m3)
  • Fertibor is available in bulk, 2500 lb (1134 kg) super bags or 50 lb (22.7 kg) plastic bags.

U.S. Borax, part of Rio Tinto, is a global leader in the supply and science of borates—naturally-occurring minerals containing boron and other elements. We are 1,000 people serving 500 customers with more than 1,700 delivery locations globally. We supply 30% of the world’s need for refined borates from our world-class mine in Boron, California, about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.  Learn more about Rio Tinto.

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