Zincubor | 14.5% Boron | 29% Zinc

Streamline crop nutrition with a
2-in-1 solution 

Our zinc borate fertilizer provides two essential micronutrients in one easy-to-use product. 

Quickly dissolve Zincubor® in an oil solution then spray onto NPK fertilizer granules. It's that simple to deliver the 2:1 zinc-to-boron ratio most crops need. 

If you want to boost the value of your manufactured fertilizer without adding complexity, get Zincubor.

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A perfect balance of zinc and boron 
  • 14.5% Boron 
  • 29% Zinc
  • 2:1 formulation meets most crop demands
  • Easily coat NPK, urea, and other manufactured fertilizers
  • No added impurities, fillers, or additional ingredients
  • Greater control over micronutrient ratio

Get a higher ROI and deliver more value

Is your fertilizer approach outdated? 

Traditionally, fertilizer manufacturers have marketed micronutrients on an individual basis, directing growers to apply each through separate application methods. But, that approach increases both costs and complexity for farmers.

Micronutrients make fertilizers more effective

Small doses of essential micronutrients such as boron and zinc can increase yields by supporting macronutrients.—Isn't it time you offered both to your customers?

With our zinc borate fertilizer, Zincubor, you can increase your fertilizer’s value and support better yields for customers. And, because crops only need small amounts of these nutrients, you can get a higher ROI by adding them to your formulation.

Zinc and boron deficient soils tend to occur in the same region and similar conditions.

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Made with quality in mind

Every Zincubor batch meets rigid quality standards because we know your fertilizer manufacturing process and products depend on maximum purity.

Soil friendly

Our refinement process ensures impurities stay out of your manufactured fertilizer, keeping your customer’s soil and crops healthy.
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High-quality source

Zincubor is a synthetic fertilizer material that’s made from world-class boron and zinc sources.
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A reliable producer

We have a trusted partnership with the International Zinc Association (IZA) and continuously invest in micronutrient research.
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Superior fertilizer coating technology

Stickiness is a prized trait when it comes to fertilizer coating. Zincubor’s special fertilizer coating technology ensures a durable, even coating on fertilizer granules. That eliminates the potential for dust and results in more consistent coverage in the field.

Perfomance tested

Tests by the International Fertilizer Development Center found Zincubor’s coating performed well on three common fertilizers.

Easy to add

With the right binder material, Zincubor sticks well to fertilizer granules and reduces the potential for dust.

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