Organic Materials Review Institute
(OMRI) Listed® Products

U.S. Borax produces refined boron fertilizer that supports organic farming.
We have specific products that are OMRI® Listed.

OMRI Certificates: Granubor, Fertibor, Solubor, and Optibor TG

Need to prove that your fertilizer ingredients are appropriate for organic
farming? Download the OMRI Listed certificates below.


What Is OMRI?

OMRI is an international nonprofit organization that determines which crop fertilizer and soil amendment products are acceptable for use on certified organic crops under the USDA National Organic Program, and the Canadian Organic Standards OMRI is ISO 17605 accredited as a material review organization, meaning certifiers can accept the OMRI Listed seal anywhere in the world.

Currently, U.S. Borax offers four OMRI Listed products: Granubor®, Fertibor®, Solubor®, and Optibor® TG. All U.S. Borax products, including our OMRI Listed products, come from a clean, reliable, and fully traceable boron source that is further refined to ensure quality.

More registration certificates

Three other organic industry organizations have certified U.S. Borax refined boron fertilizer products:

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