Boron Deficiency in europe

European growers face boron-depleted soils, especially given the demands of widespread crops such as rapeseed, sugar beet, sunflowers, wine grapes, olives, apples and other fruits and vegetables, intensive horticulture, and forestry. Specialized refined boron can help, and offers a variety of application methods to meet growers’ needs.

U.S. Borax boron has more than 50 years’ experience developing safe, reliable refined boron products. With more than 200 field studies from around the world, our wealth of knowledge about micronutrients is at the disposal of our customers and European agronomists.
In this region, growers can choose between U.S. Borax granulated refined boron products (Granubor 2®), highly soluble microgranular and powdered products (Solubor®), and liquid formulations such as Solubor Flow® or Liquibor®.
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Boron Deficiency in the Region

In this region, growers especially need a refined boron product that can deliver improved crop quality and yield. With products that are optimized for use both in the soil and through foliar application or fertigation, U.S. Borax can help.
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Boron spray treatments increased yield in Garganega grapes in Italy.

Field Studies in Europe

To understand the role of boron in crop health and develop the best available products, U.S. Borax has been conducting and participating in field studies for more than 50 years. These studies provide important information for European growers and distributors.
  • Beans (1987)
  • Brassica (1987)
  • Clover (1987)
  • Corn/maize (1987-88)
  • Cotton (1990)
  • Grape (1985-86)
  • Lettuce (1985)
  • Peas (1987)
  • Potato (1987)
  • Radish (1987, 1993)
  • Rapeseed/Canola (1980-82, 1986-89, 1991)
  • Soybean (1990, 2000)
  • Sugar beet (1987, 1990-91)
  • Sunflowers (1983, 1987)
  • Tomato (1987)
(Not all studies are available on-line)

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