Anhybor | 20.8% Boron

A simple way to add boron

Anhybor® is specially designed for fertilizer manufacturing, making it easy to include boron, an essential micronutrient in your fertilizer product. 

Our highly concentrated product is easy to work with, 100% water-soluble, and won’t segregate in NPK fertilizer blends. It’s available in three grades, including extremely fine particle sizes.

Whether you’re coating an NPK fertilizer with boron or enriching a compound fertilizer, Anhybor fulfills your needs.

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Enrich compound fertilizer with boron 
  • 20.8% Boron 
  • Reduces risk of segregation
  • No added impurities, fillers, or additional ingredients
  • Extremely fine particle sizing
  • 100% water-soluble with gradual release
  • Calcium-free
  • OMRI Listed®

Streamline your micronutrient application

Micronutrients such as boron enable better and healthier crop yields. Yet, macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium (NPK)—consume the bulk of budgets and take precedent in application.

How can you deliver a full range of nutrients to your customers in a cost-and-time efficient way? With Anhybor.

This versatile, anhydrous product can be used as a fertilizer coating or added to compound fertilizers to deliver boron. And, because boron promotes better absorption of macronutrients, it increases your fertilizer’s value in the eyes of customers. 

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Keep impurities out of your fertilizer

Anhybor is different than competing boron products, which are less refined and often contain heavy metals such as arsenic. Our special refinement process (carried out through physical means only), results in an exceptionally pure product that keeps impurities to a minimum. Quality like this means you won’t compromise your product.

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The anhydrous advantage

Anhybor contains no water and is highly concentrated, which lowers your shipping costs and simplifies handling.
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Exceptional ore

Anhybor comes from a rare tincal ore deposit in California. The ore is quite pure even before it’s subjected to refinement.
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A trusted partner

We're a trusted global leader in micronutrients research, giving you more insights on how borates positively impact crop yields.
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Finer, more consistent particles

Anhybor features small, uniform particle sizes that make it easy to blend in your NPK fertilizer mix. Or, if you need a boron coating for fertilizer, Anhybor Fine’s extremely fine particles and special coating technology enables better impregnation.

Even distribution

Anhybor assures you’ll get an even distribution in the field by providing greater control over the boron rate your crops need.

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Powerful versatility

With the right binder material, Anhybor sticks well to fertilizer granules, reducing the risk of segregation and dust.

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