Liquibor: The Preferred Liquid Boron Fertilizer in India

:: Tuesday, December 20, 2022 :: Posted By Punit Antal
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Liquibor® is an easy-to-use liquid boron fertilizer solution for present boron deficiency and the prevention of future boron deficiency in agriculture and specialty crops, especially in India and Bangladesh

In India, the market for liquid boron fertilizer is just emerging. Liquid fertilizer options are not as well-adopted in this region.

Liquid plant nutrition is a quickly growing market, with $100M in value and approx. 25,000 KL in volume. The segment is increasing at a faster pace than conventional fertilizers and is becoming highly-adopted among horticulture farmers.

Key points on liquid boron fertilizer

The fertilizer industry is now looking to liquid fertilizer products due to the high competition in soil-based products. In addition, there is a need to diversify from conventional plant nutrition products to value-added products. Liquid fertilizers are also easy to handle and store. Most fertilizer sellers are targeting products with drip irrigation. This currently serves horticulture and commercial crops including:


One thing to keep in mind with spray fertilizer is clogged or blocked nozzles. When tank mixing, there is always the risk of human error. Most products, such as herbicides and fungicides, have a percentage of the product that will settle in the mix and not fully dissolve into the water. These particles then block the spray nozzle and affect even or intended distribution of the mixture. This can cause poor spray patterns, increased pressure or reduced flow.

The unique solubility of Liquibor is much more effective. With a rate of 13g/100ml versus boric acid’s average of 4.72 g/100ml, the chance of Liquibor causing an obstrucution in the spray method is slim.

pH balance

Final pH of the tank mix is also top of mind to applicators. For example, to spray a fungicide with the label showing that the best pH is 6, the final pH of the tank mix must be as close to 6 as possible. Otherwise, pH values above or below 6 may decrease the effectiveness of the fungicide. Liquibor’s final pH is between 7-8 as compared to boric acid’s 3.9-4.5 pH.

Absorption rate

The best source of a foliar boron fertilizer is one that has a faster absorption rate by the leaves after spraying. Recent research data show that among the sources of boric acid, DOT, and Liquibor (boron + monoethanolamine), the one that provides the highest rate of absorption by the leaves after its application is Liquibor.

Therefore, Liquibor is the ideal product to guarantee better liquid plant nutrition after spraying on the leaves—ensuring better quality and greater production. Contact your regional U.S. Borax representative for more information on how Liquibor can help your crops.


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