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:: Thursday, November 17, 2022 :: Posted By Punit Antal

Mixing the correct balance of fertilizer can be a challenge. Luckily, U.S. Borax has a smooth solution. Quite literally. Liquibor® is a pre-mixed, thick mixture ready to be applied.

Liquibor is an easy-to-use remedy for present boron deficiency and the prevention of future issues with boron deficiency in agriculture and special crops.

Ideally, Liquibor is best used for foliar application and fertigation, as it’s already in liquid form. For foliar application the Liquibor is a convenient mixture for spraying directly on crops or added to a tank mix with other fertilizers or crop protection. Because of the slippery liquid form of the mineral, Liquibor is also a great mix for fertigation or irrigation systems with other liquids or other water-soluble fertilizers. Micro-irrigation is a fast-growing trend, and Liquibor is an easy way to ensure proper crop nutrition.

The benefits of switching to Liquibor include:

  • Less environmental pollution and dust than a dry product
  • A ready-to-use product with no need for dissolving—which saves on labor cost and is easier to handle (especially in large-scale automated agricultural systems like automated drip irrigation)
  • No caking or moisture loss
  • Better nutrient dose accuracy for precision application, including the delivery of more borates per unit volume and time
  • Possibility of higher nutrient use efficiency as dissolved nutrients are easier to be absorbed by plants
  • More flexibility to change nutrient formulations for precision operations
  • Ease of mixing with other bio-stimulants like humic acid and amino acid for speciality fertilizers
  • Easier management for growers who apply high value crops in large scales
  • No crystallization at low temperatures and easier management for crops grown in temperate areas, for example apples in hilly regions

For application information, always consult your local agronomist. However, in general, recommended application form, timing, and rates are:

  • Rapeseed: Foliar application, autumn and spring until flowering, 2-3 l/ha
  • Sugar beet: Foliar application, until row closing, 3 l/ha
  • Potato: Foliar application, until row closing, 1 l/ha
  • Corn: Foliar application, from 4-leaf stage, 3 l/ha
  • Pome fruits: Foliar application, from flowering until fruit set, 1 l/ha
  • Stone fruits: Foliar application, from flowering until fruit set, 1 l/ha
  • Vegetables: Foliar application, following regional recommendation, 2-3 l/ha

Contact your U.S. Borax regional sales manager today to learn more about the convenience of liquid boron fertilizer sent straight to your farm with no measuring or mixing required.

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