Boron SolUbility

Is Solubility a Good Thing?

Refined products with high solubility offer more available boron per application than do unrefined borates that fail to fully dissolve. Borate minerals that are only partially soluble are more difficult for plants to use, provide patchy coverage, and often leave insoluble contaminants behind in the field.

Research shows that not all boron sources are equal in their ability to provide plants with soluble boron throughout the season. In the tests below, all samples were of similar particle size.

“Solubility is key to the farmers who are going to use it out in the field and want a steady, constant release of boron. Our refined sodium borate is able to deliver that over the entire growing season.”

Fabiano Silvestrin | Principal Advisor, Global Market Development Agriculture, U.S. Borax
Fabiano Silvestrin | Principal Advisor, Global Market Development Agriculture, U.S. Borax
When it comes to boron, product price is not always the best measure of true return on investment or boron solubility. A less expensive product can end up costing more over the long term if you need to purchase and apply more to get a similar yield.


If it's soluble, isn't leaching a problem?

Leaching occurs when soil loses essential nutrients due to excessive rain. You may have heard that a refined, higher soluble boron is more prone to leaching than a unrefined boron. Boron, no matter it's source, is water soluble. Because boron is a neutrally charged ion, it floats in ecosystems until it finds a substance to which it can cling.

Depending on soil type, an application of 4.4 pounds of boron/acre (4.93 kg/ha) can leach out of the soil within as little as 6 months.

Controlled release boron fertilizers will help you maintain the proper balance of micronutrients during wet and dry weather. They are widely available, but the rate at which they release can vary. The ideal release should be slow enough to protect against leaching and toxicity, but fast enough to supply essential nutrients to plants when needed.
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