Boron for Optimal Crop Production

Agriculture is the largest industry in India, employing nearly 60% of the country’s population. Thanks to its diverse weather, geography, and soil, farmers can produce a range of fruits, vegetables and grains, including vital food crops such as grains and pulses (legumes).

However, these same growing conditions also present potential issues, such as boron deficiency, if not addressed properly. That's why the right source and amount of boron for crop production is key. 

Current State of Indian Agriculture

The principal food grain of India is rice, which is grown on more than 30% of the country’s cultivated land and accounts for more than 40% of India’s overall food crop production. Wheat is the second most important cultivated food crop in India and accounts for nearly 9% of the world’s total wheat production.

Yet despite high levels of production, agricultural yield in India is lower than other large producing countries. Although it is the second highest producer of rice in the world, India’s yield is lower than China, Brazil, and the United States. India is also the leading producer of pulses, but its yield is the lowest. Both crops feed a majority of the country’s population, so it is critical that farmers optimize production. Growing consumer demand for high-quality fruits and vegetables is also putting pressure on growers to increase yields and optimize growth.

Boron's Role in Key Regional Crops


The right boron fertilizer for pulses ensures healthy growth and development in all varities—broad beans, lentils, Bambara groundnut, chickpeas, pigeon peas, and cow peas.

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Sugar cane

Boron deficiency is especially common in sugar cane. Choosing the right boron fertilizer for sugar cane can result in better yields and high-quality crops.

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Oil palm

Oil palm removes significant amounts of boron from the soil each year. And, boron is most common deficient micronutrient in oil palm cultivation. 

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Improve Soil Conditions with Boron Fertilizer

The extensive use of irrigation, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides has contributed to soil infertility across much of India. Monsoon patterns and cultivation of high-yield crops have also depleted essential micronutrients, especially boron. Under these conditions, boron supplementation is vital to help protect growers’ livelihoods and increase output. Both small family farmers and larger operations can benefit from the application of high-quality, highly available refined boron.

Experiencing Boron Deficiency? Check for Zinc Deficiency

Farmers with deficient levels of boron in soil should also test their soil for low zinc content. Testing for zinc deficiency is especially important for crops such as rice, which is highly sensitive to zinc deficiency. 

Because both boron and zinc deficiency are widespread in India, we developed Zincubor®, a zinc borate fertilizer which provides a 2:1 zinc-to-boron ratio that satisfies most crops' demands. 

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