Fertilizer Solutions for Boron Deficiency in India

:: Monday, February 22, 2021 :: Posted By Punit Antal
Bulk fertilizer manufacturers in India have long used U.S. Borax’s Fertibor® product to add much needed boron into their compound fertilizer blends. Currently, around 45% of arable Indian soil struggles with boron deficiency, including latent deficiency.
Recent research shows that zinc deficiency in India is also a problem. Today, many of India’s states have soil that is more than 80% zinc deficient. With a country-wide deficiency of 50%, this level is projected to climb to 63% by 2025 under current farming practices.
To help correct both boron and zinc deficiencies and address market demand, U.S. Borax (part of Rio Tinto) created two new products specifically designed for fertilizer manufactures to fortify fertilizers: Anhybor® and Zincubor®.

A two in one solution for zinc and boron deficiency

As an industry, fertilizer manufacturers have promoted zinc and boron as standalone fertilizers that can be applied through different methods of application. But the expense and complexity of application can prove difficult to implement in the field. That’s why we created Zincubor, which incorporates both boron and zinc in one product.
This two-in-one product offers a perfect 2:1 zinc-to-boron ratio to meet the exact zinc and boron demands of most crops. Zincubor can be used as a raw material to produce compound or fortified NPK fertilizers.

Anhybor for consistent coating

Anhybor is a premium fertilizer that can be handled in bulk. Because it lacks water, the product does not rehydrate under normal storage and shipping conditions. It can be used as a raw material to produce compound or fortified fertilizers. Anhybor Fine is designed to be used as a coating material of a carrier fertilizer (e.g., NPK) giving flexibility on the micronutrient rate and assuring an even distribution in the field. U.S. Borax recommends the use of a binder material during the coating process.

The proof is in the performance

In addition to the results of independent farmers, we have extensively tested the stability and efficacy of both Zincubor and Anhybor Fine in a manufacturing setting. Under rigorous performance testing by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), both products have performed well to coat urea, MAP, and DAP. U.S. Borax recommends the use of a binder material during the coating process. For more information, download the technical brochure (PDF).


For about a decade, the Indian government has promoted fortified fertilizer manufacturing through various subsidies. Anhybor and Zincubor both qualify under the Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) policy for those creating bulk blends. Contact your regional U.S. Borax sales manager for more details.

Free virtual event

Join us to discuss micronutrient fertilizers for food and nutrition security. This virtual roundtable is coordinated by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with International Zinc Association (IZA) and U.S. Borax. For more information:


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