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Solubor Flow | 10% Boron
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Highly compatible, easy to apply

Need boron for your crops but don't have the time or equipment for granulated fertilizer? Solubor® Flow is your answer.

You can easily mix our liquid boron fertilizer directly in your tank or add it to your liquid fertilizer solution.

Solubor Flow features a lower pH than other liquid boron products, making it extremely compatible with most crop protection chemicals. 

Easy-to-handle packaging and fast preparation are reasons why growers prefer Solubor Flow for correcting boron deficiency. 

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Solubor Flow

Solvent-free liquid boron
  • 10% Boron
  • Lower pH compared to BA+MEA liquid fertilizers
  • Works with most crop protection chemicals
  • Easy to handle packaging
  • Free of impurities
  • Aqueous suspension of sodium borate
  • Long shelf life (8 months)
  • Made in USA

Readily dissolvable, rapidly available

Protecting your crops from boron deficiency requires precise application, an area where liquid boron excels. By choosing liquid boron fertilizer, you can pinpoint plants' boron needs accurately, efficiently, and at their most critical growth stages. 

Solubor Flow is fast and easy to mix with both macronutrient and micronutrient liquid fertilizers so you can satisfy crops' requirements more quickly. 

See how Solubor Flow performed better than other foliar formulations in this field study. 

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Solvent free, more compatible 

Solubor Flow is an aqueuous suspension of sodium borate microcrystals. Through a U.S. Borax developed manufacturing process, we suspend these microcrystals without the use of chemcial solvents, unlike boric acid and monoethylamine-based fertilizers (BA+MEA liquid boron). 

MEA liquid boron has a higher pH, which may cause compatibility issues when used with fungicides and herbicides. In contrast, Solubor Flow's pH upholds the performance of common crop protection chemicals.

Streamlined application

Controlling your micronutrient costs is critical to a healthier bottom line. Because Solubor Flow is highly concentrated, you’ll need relatively small quantities to correct boron deficiency.
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Hassle-free handling

Intuitive packaging makes it easy to add liquid boron into your crop nutrition program.
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High quality for high performance

Exceptional purity

Our refinement process keeps impurities out so you can count on receiving a highly pure product every time. 

Field-tested, research-backed

We regularly invest in micronutrient research so you can feel confident in your boron fertilizer. 

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