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Data Sheet

Discover more product details, including technical features and primary uses of Solubor Flow.

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Safety Data Sheet

Find proper handling and storage information, as well as important supplier details.

Safety data sheet

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Get details on chemical and physical specifications.

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Field Studies

Explore our field studies to see how Solubor Flow improves crop performance.

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Technical overview

Solubor Flow is an aqueous suspension of sodium borate that comes in the form of a brownish liquid. For spraying, dissolve in water. For direct application, mix with a nitrogen solution. Always agitate prior to use. 

Storage: We recommend storing the product indoors, at a temperature range between 5-35°C. If frozen, the product returns to liquid phase when the temperature rises.

Shelf life: 8 months from production date.

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Boron (B): 10%
Material required for 1 lb (.45kg) of B: 10.33 lb (4.69kg)

Bulk density: 1300kg/m3
"Viscosity @ 24 hours" mPas": ≤6000
1300kg polypropylene container: Dimensions 100x120+116cm

Multiwall paper bags with polyethylene moisture resistant barrier

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Solubor Flow

Solubor Flow is the first and only aqueous suspension of sodium borate microcrystals. The sodium borate readily dissolves when added to water and therefore more effective for agriculture.

Corn (Wisconsin, USA)

Corn (Wisconsin, USA)

Wisconsin, USA (2022): The first corn study comparing Granubor and Solubor Flow +K

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Kohlrabi (Spain)

Murcia, Spain (2005): Better performance of sodium borates versus non-sodium borates (MEA liquids).

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Soybeans: Boron applications for increased yields

Soybeans require boron, especially during flowering and seed development. Read more about how Solubor and Granubor can ensure an adequate supply of boron.

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Fertilize before boron deficiency symptoms occur for optimum yields

Visual symptoms of boron deficiency may not occur until the deficiency has become moderate or severe. Use the results of soil tests and/or plant analyses to help assess the potential for boron deficiencies to ensure adequate boron supplies for your crop.

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