How to apply

Solubor Flow is primarily used as a foliar spray on young plants, or you can
spray it on the ground in a mixture with a nitogren-based solution.
Solubor Flow > Application

With Solubor Flow, you can: 

  • Mix directly in your tank with other macro and micronutrient liquid fertilizers

  • Apply directly to the soil

  • Dissolve in water for fertilizer sprays

  • ​Use a hydromixer

Foliar sprays

To correct boron deficiency in season, all you need to do is dissolve Solubor Flow in water, a liquid fertilizer solution, or a foliar spray formulation. Then you're ready to apply.

  • Compatible with most crop protection chemicals

  • Keeps spray nozzles clog-free for uninterrupted spraying

  • Readily dissolvable in water

Fertigation and hydroponics

If you supply micronutrient nutrition through fertigation or hydroponics, Solubor Flow is a great choice for seamless incorporation.

Need boron for a direct soil application?

Start correcting boron deficiency at the source with highly pure, 100% water soluble Granubor®.

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