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Minimal impurities, complete boron access, and stronger yields 

When it comes to boron, it’s hard to understand the differences in value between products. A cheaper product may appeal to your bottom line. But often these less refined products cost more because the producer doesn’t disclose impurities on their packaging, or they have incomplete dissolution. 

Buying high-quality, refined boron from U.S. Borax ensures you get the best value. Your crops have access to all the boron applied and you can avoid any future costs that occur with insufficient treatment.  

Comparing Fertibor to market alternatives 

FertiborFertiborUlexite, colemanite, hydroboracite
Bulk Density63 lb/ft3 (1009 kg/m3)Varying bulk density (46.0-55.8 lb/ft3 (736.8 – 893.8 kg/m3)
Particle HardnessSuperior particle hardness and strengthInsufficient hardness, degradation prone
YieldHigher yields Restricted yields
Water SolubilityHigher availability (100% soluble) Limited availability (only 30-40% soluble)
Release RateEven release rate Uneven release rate
PurityLow impurity levelsLess pure, may contain high levels of heavy metals
Source of OriginEasily traceableDifficult to trace source of origin
SustainabilitySuitable for organic farming (OMRI Listed®)Rarely OMRI Listed®
ConsistencyUniform particle sizes, minimal segregationIrregular sizing; higher segregation rate
Reliability>30 years of research and field test dataMinimal certified field tests and research
Calcium and Magnesium ContentCalcium and magnesium free Contains calcium and magnesium

Fully available boron nutrition 

Because Fertibor is 100% water soluble, crops can receive the full amount of boron applied. Other products may have inconsistent solubility, resulting in less available boron and deficient performance in the field.  

Refined for greater value  

We subject Fertibor to rigid quality standards from extraction to refinement to shipping. 

Composition: Highly pure, calcium free tincal ore from a unique deposit in California is what we use to produce Fertibor.  
Refinement: Our ore is fully refined through a process that keeps impurities at a controlled, minimal level. Other products follow different or no refinement process, leaving higher heavy metals content such as arsenic.  

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