How to use

Uniform particle sizes, free flowing granules, and easy handling properties make Fertibor
the right boron supplementation choice for a variety of fertilizer formulations.

Fertibor is commonly used for these fertilizer applications:

  • Compound and compact

  • Liquid fertilizers 

  • Solid composition mixes   

  • Suspension-based fertilizers 

  • Direct soil application (perennial plantation crops)  

If you’re looking to fortify your NPK fertilizer formulation with boron, look no further than Fertibor. 

Compound and compact fertilizer

Even nutrient distribution is essential to producing effective fertilizer. The consistent, free flowing granules of Fertibor make this process simpler because they’re easily handled through pneumatic or mechanical means. 

Boron nutrition in palm oil

Fertibor is easy to mix into solid growing media or composts, as found with palm oil plantations. Depending on your soil and new planting materials, the standard application in young palm oil is 1.76 oz (50g) per palm in the first year. For the next three to five years, that amount increases to 3.5 to 7 oz (100 to 200g) per palm each year.

Looking for foliar boron?

If you need to quickly correct boron deficiency during the growing season, foliar boron may be the answer. See why Solubor® is the most economical and efficient boron for foliar spray. 

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