Agriculture advances through field-proven borate research

:: Monday, February 5, 2024 :: Posted By Roger Gunning
U.S. Borax products are backed with thousands of hours and acres of research. We never stop searching for answers to help you achieve the highest quality results in the field. While our commitment to research is twofold: Better understand how to improve our products and help growers  make the best possible nutrient management decisions.

Cotton trials prove favorable results 

Recent 2023 field trials for Granubor® + Solubor® Flow +K in Brazil showed favorable results. With the application of Granubor + Solubor Flow +K research partner Nemabio found higher levels of potassium and boron in the leaves of cotton plants when compared to the control. In addition, we found that Granubor + Solubor Flow +K applications increased yield of seed cotton 4.5% over control groups. Read the full trial results.

Additional cotton research involved evaluating Granubor + Solubor Flow +K vs. acidulated ulexite in soil applications and their effect on boron in the soil, plant leaves, and overall cotton yield. Results showed that an application of Granubor broadcast in the soil at the time of planting resulted in a higher yield of cotton—around 5% higher than the acidulated ulexite treatment. Granubor also increased boron at a linear rate in both the soil and plant leaf, compared to the control. This finding confirms that Granubor increases boron availability for cotton plants. Read the full trial results.

Boron paves the way for coffee success 

In conjunction with our research partner the Institute of Agronomic Campinas, U.S. Borax conducted coffee field trails from 2020 to 2023 in Brazil., This multi-year study showed that applications of Granubor increased coffee yield by 15% compared to the control treatment. Boron continued to be present in increasing rates at soil depths of 0-40 cm. Read the full trail results.

U.S. Borax partners with academic and agriculture research institutions in order to provide conclusive evidence that our products can meet your boron needs. We aren’t just a company—we’re your nutrient management partner, committed to helping you find success in the field or orchard. 

Learn more about our field studies. Can’t find a field trial for your crop? Contact your local U.S. Borax representative.



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