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Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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Safety data sheet

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Field Studies

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Technical Specifications

Granubor is a calcium-and-magnesium-free borate, produced solely from sodium tetraborate pentahydrate. You’ll find no added impurities, ingredients, fillers, or coatings.  

Technical features include: 

  • 15% boron content 

  • Physically refined, non-chemically treated 

  • Uniform average particle size, matching standard granulated fertilizers 

  • Limited segregation and dust content  

Download product data sheet
Boron (B): 15%
Material required for 1 lb (.45kg) of B: 7 lb (3.18kg)

  • Screened between -4 and +14 mesh.
  • Typical flow rate: 11 lb (4.99kg) per minute
  • Particle strength: 9 lb (4.08kg) per granule
Bulk density
Loose pack: 
57 lb/ft3
Tight pack: 60 lb/ft3 (961 kg/m3)
Angle of repose: 30°
Tight pack: 280

Bulk option (super bags):
2500 lb (1134 kg)
Plastic bags: 50 lb (22.7 kg)

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Deliver 100% of the boron you pay for to your crops with Granubor.

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The main differences between ulexites and Granubor

Research data from a percolation study to compare the release rate of various boron sources shows that Granubor provides benefits over ulexites.


Crop Study: Growing Rice in China

Hear the key results of a two-year rice trial, conducted by U.S. Borax and the International Rice Research Institute, on the effect of borates on rice quality and yield in China.

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Corn (Mississippi, USA)

Mississippi, USA (2021): Granubor shows a better performance than the control and ulexite.

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Price of Granubor vs. Ulexite

Price of Granubor vs. Ulexite

The true cost of using less expensive borates: Price per pound of plant available boron

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Why Granubor Is Perfect for Your Crops

Why Granubor Is Perfect for Your Crops

A comparison among boron alternatives on the speed of release of boron, including sources of boron released after 140 days

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