What makes Granubor

a better choice?

Superior quality, more nutrient availability, and a higher ROI

Sticker price isn’t what matters most when it comes to boron; it’s quality. By choosing a high-quality product like Granubor, you can ensure crops get complete access to boron and avoid any future costs caused by insufficient treatment.

GranuborGranuborUlexite, colemanite, hydroboracite
Particle HardnessSuperior particle hardness and strengthInsufficient hardness, degradation prone
YieldHigher yieldsRestricted yields
Water Solubility100% solubleLimited availability (only 30-40% soluble)
Release RateEven release rateUneven release rate
PurityNo added ingredients, fillers, or coatingsLess pure, may contain high levels of heavy metals
Source of OriginMade in the USA, easily traceableDifficult to trace source of origin
SustainabilitySuitable for organic farming (OMRI Listed®)Rarely OMRI Listed®
ConsistencyUniform particle sizes, minimal segregationIrregular sizing; higher segregation rate
Reliability>30 years of research and field test dataMinimal certified field tests and research
Calcium and Magnesium ContentCalcium freeContains calcium and magnesium

Truth: Granubor gives you the most usable boron 

Because Granubor is 100% water soluble, plants receive the greatest amount of boron at every stage of development. While other products claim they supply 15% boron on their label, Granubor is the only granular product that actually does in the field. 

Refined for premium performance

From extraction to refinement to application, Granubor’s quality is unmatched.  

Composition: Unlike ulexite, Granubor comes from a highly pure, calcium free tincal ore found at our Boron, California mine.  
Refinement: Our ore is fully refined, ensuring no impurities are introduced and maximizing plant uptake of boron. In contrast, ulexite is minimally processed, meaning contaminants remain. 

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