How to Apply

Granubor’s uniform particle sizes are easy to incorporate into your bulk blend fertilizer.
Or apply directly to your soil to correct boron deficiency.

Bulk blend

We engineered Granubor specifically for fertilizer blends, such as NPK, to provide a cost-efficient, flexible way to supply crops with boron throughout the growing season.

  • 2.8mm average particle size closely matches other granulated and compacted fertilizers 

  • Minimal segregation in bagging, transport, and application 

  • Highly crush resistant  

  • Screened between -4 and +14 mesh for uniform size and even application 

  • Field-tested with several common fertilizers, showing even and uniform spread 

Direct application

Many growers trust Granubor for direct application. As a highly pure, granulated form of boron, it’s easily spread under or around tree and plantation crops.  

  • Provides a gradual release of boron, ensuring your crops get consistent, long-lasting benefits 

  • Contains no impurities, fillers, coatings, or added ingredients 

  • Consistent particle sizes results in even distribution  

Need boron for a foliar application?  

If your crops or nutrition program demands a more rapid solution to

correct boron deficiency, consider Solubor®.  

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