U.S. Borax's high-quality boron shapes regenerative agriculture

:: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 :: Posted By Roger Gunning

Soil health takes the lead in regenerative agriculture approaches. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farm management that focuses on soil health and restoration while being conscientious of the unique relationship farming has with the environment. As you consider increasing the use of regenerative agriculture practices on your farm, U.S. Borax can play a key role in the impact of boron in your farm’s soil health journey.

Soil health truly plays a key role in the availability of boron to your crops. Boron availability can be impacted by:

  • Soil pH
  • Organic matter content
  • Permeability
  • Moisture retention
  • Iron, aluminum oxides, and clay mineral content

Regenerative agriculture tillage methods impact boron availability

Most of the boron in soil is typically found in organic matter. Organic matter breakdown is an important step to releasing complex boron. During your own regenerative farming journey, you may have made the switch to strip-till and no-till options. Both tillage methods encourage minimum soil disturbance when preparing your seed bed. Strip-till leaves soil undisturbed outside of a 6”-12” tilled seed bed, whereas no-till leaves soil completely undisturbed, planting directly into crop residue. Minimum and no-till methods could make it difficult for boron to become available to plant roots. In general, boron is more readily available in tilled soils.

With adopting strip-till and no-till methods, boron’s availability becomes increasingly dependent on the surface conditions of the soil. Paying close attention to fertilizer management while implementing these tillage methods is a critical factor in ensuring your plants have enough boron.

Safeguarding soil health: Going the extra mile

U.S. Borax mines borate and refines it with physical means only - avoiding unnecessary chemicals. When our products reach your fields, you don’t have to worry about adding contaminants to your soil or comprising your yield because our refining process removes arsenic and other heavy metals. We strive to provide the highest quality boron on the market.

U.S. Borax products contribute to regenerative agriculture

Understanding how Granubor® can contribute to regenerative agriculture practices and principles may be key to unlocking your fertilizer needs. Granubor provides crops with a fully available and reliable source of boron. It is 100% water soluble ensuring 100% of the boron is being delivered to your crops. Along with being OMRI® listed for use in organic farming, Granubor doesn’t include chemical ingredients or fillers. Because Granubor was engineered to release boron when plants most need it, you may need to apply less of our product than other borate fertilizers on the market.

Contact your crop advisor or regional U.S. Borax representative to explore how Granubor can effectively address your specific boron needs as you increase regenerative farming methods in your fields. U.S. Borax is committed to supporting you as you implement sustainable practices for healthier soil and more productive crops.




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