Boron in crops: An overview

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Boron (B) is an essential micronutrient for all plant species. In agriculture, boron is one of the most deficient minerals in soil around the world.

Different crops, different boron needs

We all know that different crops have different nutrient requirements. The same is true for boron. Requirements range from 60 to 480 g/ha.* As a rule, boron is an immobile nutrient in the phloem tissue of plants. There are exceptions, specifically in plants that produce polyols as sorbitol, mannitol, and dulcitol. The polyols work to make boron mobile in the phloem.

Boron’s function

Plants require boron  to maintain cell wall structure and encourage cell expansion. It’s also important for cell membrane stability. Boron deficiency disrupts reproductive growth, shoot and root growth, and pollen viability. This, in turn, influences seed set and yield. Boron deficiency can result in deformed leaves and poor-quality harvests—in both yield quantity and product quality.

General crop guidelines

Boron concentration is different among species. For example, dicots require higher levels of boron than monocots. In the formation of cell membrane pectin, boron is involved in absorption and metabolism of cations, especially calcium (Ca). Boron and calcium are strongly linked to the formation of cell walls. Dicot species have greater calcium in their composition, naturally requiring more boron as well.
Source: Shorrocks, VM. 1997. The occurrence and correction of boron deficiency. Plant and Soil. 193: 121-148.

Source: Shorrocks, VM. 1997. The occurrence and correction of boron deficiency. Plant and Soil. 193: 121-148.

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Agronomy note: Boron mobility in various plant species
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