Need a Quick-Acting Boron Supplement? Spray It!

:: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 :: Posted By Fabiano Silvestrin
Because boron deficiency is a common crop ailment, it’s lucky that it is easily solved with the proper knowledge and application methods. One application method growing in popularity for its reliability and ease of use is foliar application of boron through spraying liquid solutions. 

Foliar application 101

When essential nutrients such as boron are lacking in the soil, a foliar application of fertilizer can give existing plants the necessary nutrition to ensure proper growth and development. Foliar application refers to the way essential nutrients are delivered. Growers mix nutrients such as boron into fluid fertilizers, enabling plants to absorb the nutrients through their leaves, or foliage. 

Application and Benefits

For foliar sprays, it’s important to use a boron supplement that is highly soluble, such as U.S. Borax Solubor®. After consulting with your local crop consultant or soil specialist to measure the boron deficiency in your fields, simply add the recommended amount of Solubor to your existing fluid fertilizer for application. 

Foliar application of boron is popular because it’s convenient and it’s easy to achieve uniform application. Foliar application provides additional benefits:
  • Highly soluble boron sources, such as Solubor, are well suited for mixing into fertilizers such as 10-34-0 and UAN solutions
  • Plants react almost instantaneously to the boron content
  • The rate of application is typically lower than for soil application
  • It’s easy to adjust the amount of boron for each application
  • Spray solutions are ideal for tree and nut crops as well as vegetables
Because a solution like Solubor can be added to your existing fluid fertilizer, it’s ideal for large and small fields. 

When is foliar application not ideal?

Various factors should be taken into consideration when determining whether foliar application is right for your crops. When plants are young, for example, their leaves may be too small to absorb the amount of boron they need in the early stages of growth. 

Conversely, it’s important to allow sufficient time for the plants to properly absorb the boron through foliar application. If sprays are applied too late in the growing season, there may not be enough time for the nutrients to be properly absorbed for optimal yield. 

In addition, foliar sprays shoud not surpass the recommended boron dosage. Application of excess boron may produce burning of leaves in some crops.

What to look for: Choosing boron for foliar applications

When choosing a boron product to add to foliar sprays, look for these important characteristics:
  • 100% water soluble: Be sure the boron source you choose is highly soluble
  • Fast dissolution: A properly refined boron source will incorporate quickly in water, even at low temperatures
  • More boron than boric acid: Boric acid is the bio-available form of boron; a higher concentration of boron in your product actually allows more boric acid to be incorporated into your solution
  • High concentration of boron overall: When your boron source is refined and concentrated, you can use less, so it’s more economical.
Quick-acting, water soluble Solubor is an effective and economical choice for foliar application of boron. It cleans up easily with water and doesn’t leave behind the sticky, difficult-to-clean residue that is common with liquid concentrates.



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