Boron elevates avocados’ yield and quality

:: Monday, January 8, 2024 :: Posted By Jaime Gonzalez
Producers need to understand the role boron has in bolstering their avocado yields. Since boron plays a multifaceted role in various physiological plant processes, meeting nutritional needs during each growth stage is vital to avocado management. 

Avocados depend on boron for adequate fruit yield, quality, and root strength. The demand for boron is greatest during the reproductive phases of the avocado plant compared to the vegetative growth phase. 

Achieving the correct boron availability

Boron availability in the soil and through the roots of the avocado plant is especially important for orchard health. Avocado roots are continuously forming, meaning that consistent supply of boron is needed to sustain optimal growth for the plant. Granubor® is typically a good choice for special  application and blending with other fertilizer needs in avocado production. Soil applications should be divided to provide adequate boron supply during both the avocado’s vegetative and flowering stages. 

Applications of Solubor ® at bud break and first flowers prove to be the best option for boron availability and plant uptake. Since boron can be immobile in plant tissue, a foliar application during the flowering stage is pivotal for successful fruit growth.

The configuration of your orchard setup, whether the avocados are reliant on rain for watering or artificial irrigation influences which applications of boron are most appropriate and when. Solubor  is especially suitable for application via irrigation and can be supplied when avocados demand larger amounts of boron such as flowering and fruiting. 

Harvest success

Avocado production and cultivation can be complicated; it’ is important for producers to monitor boron availability in the soil through soil analysis as well as in plant leaves through tissue analysis. Working with your local agronomy expert is key to success in maximizing boron applications for crop productivity and quality.

 U.S. Borax is your trusted partner in providing valuable information and insights that impact the success of your avocado harvest. Contact your local boron expert to learn more.


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