Boosting organic durian growth with borates

:: Tuesday, December 19, 2023 :: Posted By Weng Kee Ch'ng

Finding sustainable solutions for organic durian growers in Southeast Asia can be complicated. Organic farmers frequently encounter challenges in producing high quality fruits. This is often because commonly used organic fertilizers can lack essential nutrients such as boron. U.S. Borax can help you find a solution.

Boron has key properties that make it specifically useful in organic farming. Boron fertilizer has minimal impact on soil pH levels, and helps plants utilize other essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium that helps improve overall nutrient efficiency in organic farming systems.

If you are an organic grower who needs refined boron, U.S. Borax fertilizers are listed appropriate by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). This international, nonprofit organization determines which input products are acceptable for use on certified organic crops under the USDA National Organic Program, the Canadian Organic Standards, and the Mexico Organic Products Law. Our Solubor®, Granubor®, and Fertibor® products are all acceptable under these standards for organic production. Regional U.S. Borax distributors are ready to work with you to support your organic operation.

Why boron matters to organic durian growers

Across Southeast Asia, boron is a crucial micronutrient for durian trees. Since durian is particularly susceptible to weather changes and soil drainage issues, it is critical for growers to know their micronutrient needs throughout the growing season. Organic producers may also face issues with ensuring yield—with limited fruit set each growing season and some critical nutrients not readily available in organic fertilizers, boron can help increase the quality and quantity of fruit. With each nutrient functioning differently in the plant, optimizing nutrient input is an important step in durian plant growth.

For organic growers particularly, where available organic fertilizers can lack certain nutrients, boron plays a role in both quality and yield of durian fruits. A lack of boron in these fertilizers can contribute to a nutrient availability gap. Boron is key to many plant functions including:

  • Cell wall formation: Boron plays a role in strengthening cell walls—helping the formation of pectin, a component of the cell wall which contributes to cell wall stability.
  • Pollination and fruit development: Boron is essential for the development of flowers, pollination, and fruit set. A deficiency can cause poor fruit set and misshapen or malformed fruits.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism: Boron aids in carbohydrate metabolism (the conversion of sugars to starches) and regulating sugar transport and utilization. This process is vital for energy generation and the accumulation of carbohydrates in durian fruits.
  • Calcium uptake: Boron deficiency can lead to calcium-related disorders, such as blossom-end rot, where durian fruits develop dark, sunken patches at the blossom end.

U.S. Borax application choices tailored for organic growers

We encourage organic growers to utilize our borate products when making fertilizer plans. You  have the option to apply a foliar application of Solubor boron during the flowering to fruiting phase of the durian tree, or alternatively, you can opt for a direct soil application method and apply Granubor or Fertibor.

Because various factors such as drought, excessive rainfall, and extreme temperature fluctuations affect boron availability, we always encourage you to work with your local agricultural expert or horticulturist and apply the correct rates of Solubor, Granubor, and Fertibor products for optimal boron efficiency.

Boron plays a pivotal role in durian fruit farming and offers a range of benefits without compromising the principles of organic agriculture. Here at U.S. Borax, we are committed to helping you enhance the quality of your organic durian fruit with boron. Contact your regional sales representative with questions.


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