Feeding the World, Feeding the Future

:: Tuesday, December 5, 2017
By 2050, the global population is expected to hit nearly 10 billion. But by 2040, the world will have run out of land available for crops and grazing.
These predictions make the challenges of global population growth all too real. To meet those challenges and truly feed the world, agriculture must be increasingly efficient in the way it uses resources, science, and technology.

Pioneering resources and research for the future of food production

Fortunately, developments in science and technology support increasing efficiencies and offer new opportunities in food production. We’re learning more about the importance of micronutrients such as boron—and how to target those micronutrients to enhance the effectiveness of fertilizers.
Precise, efficient use of micronutrients is a key element in protecting the health of soil, supporting sustainable farming, and increasing both the nutrition and yield of crops. For example, without boron, crops don’t grow properly. However, many crops, like coffee, cotton, alfalfa, and grapes, remove significant amounts of boron from the soil. Boron deficiency is a top concern for agriculture professionals worldwide.
However, proper boron supplementation must start with the right product. Refinement and quality control of boron fertilizers is essential to ensure they are soluble (so that plants can use them), cost-effective, and free of harmful impurities.
To help ensure a sustainable and productive future food supply, Rio Tinto works with researchers, crop consultants, fertilizer producers, and farmers around the world, providing resources and information about crop nutrition, soil health, and advances in agriculture.

Our Rio Tinto corporate site offers more insights into the critical role that boron plays in feeding the world’s growing population today and sustaining food supplies into the future.


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