Success Stories

U.S. Borax helps soybean and corn growers achieve higher yields

U.S. Borax’s soybean and maize trials in Heilongjiang demonstrate boron’s effects for soybean and maize growers, fertilizer producers, and distributors.

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Boosting crop health: U.S. Midwest

Growers in the U.S. Midwest are seeing higher yields and greater profits thanks to an understanding of the importance of micronutrients, including boron. Hear how refined boron can help optimize crop growth and ROI.

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Boosting crop health: North Dakota

New applications of refined boron improved both yield and protein content in North Dakota wheat crops. As a result, growers were able to command more money per bushel.

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Crop study: Corn

Discover the key findings in a U.S. Borax study (partnering with the University of Missouri) on the impact of borate soil-type fertilizers on corn crops.

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Crop study: Coffee

See how refined boron improved coffee yield and quality over a two-year period.

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Crop Study: Growing Rice in China

Hear the key results of a two-year rice trial, conducted by U.S. Borax and the International Rice Research Institute, on the effect of borates on rice quality and yield in China.

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Crop studies: Cocoa, eucalyptus

U.S. Borax continually conduct field trials to better understand the use of boron and its benefit to agriculture. Learn about some of our current research.

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Better fruits and flowers: Mexico

Mexican customers have seen improvements in flowering and fruiting quality thanks to the use of refined boron from U.S. Borax.

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Customer success story: Central America

A U.S. Borax customer who decided to switch to nonrefined mineral borates sees a real difference in crop yield.

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