Alfalfa (Virginia, USA)

Study details

  • Date: 1971
  • Location: Orange, Virginia, United States
  • Soil: Tatum silt loam, 1000 lbs/ac 5-10-10 broadcast, lime added to pH 7.5
  • Crop variety: Williamsburge at 40 lbs seed per acre, planted in April
  • Trial design: Randomized complete block, 4 blocks plot area of 15’ x 18’. Boron added as Fertibor® 0.3 lbs B/ac


  • Yield was significantly effected from 1366 lbs/ac to 2883 lbs/ac
  • Boron content in the soil was improved from 0.07 ppm B to 1.17 ppm B
  • Boron content in the tissue was increased from 10.5 ppm B in the control to 33.3 ppm B
  • Nitrogen content in the tissue was not affected by boron treatment


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