Barley (Paraná, Brazil)

Barley (Paraná, Brazil, Granubor)

Study details

  • Research institution: AgrariaFoundation for Agricultural Research (FAPA)
  • Date: 2020-2021
  • Location: Candoí, Paraná, Brazil
  • Soil: Aluminic Oxisol; pH (CaCl2) = 5.07
  • Fertilizers:
    • Crop B: Granubor ® and ulexite before planting barley (0, 0.43, 0.75, and 1.5 kg B ha-1).
    • System B: Granubor and ulexite (0, 0.86, 1.5, and 3.0 kg B ha-1) before planting barley (50%), and before planting soybean (50%), in successive barley-soybean rotation with no-tillage practice.
    • Granubor and ulexite were blended with NPK fertilizer before planting.
  • Crop variety: Daniele
  • Trial design: Randomized complete block with three repetitions.


Application of 3 kg Granubor ha-1 (system B fertilization | 50% of the dose before planting barley + 50% of the dose before planting soybeans), gave the highest barley grain yield compared to the control and acidulated ulexite source.

Bar chart of barley yield between control, acidulated ulexite, and Granubor

Line graph of barley yield between control, acidulated ulexite, and Granubor


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